It ain't EZ Moscow

// Cheer up//

Sometimes this is all I need for a quick laugh…

Make Yourself Happy
everyone who is faking it

// I am his father//

not his babysitter.

// womens lib//

they want to be equal but will hide behind the laws that are there to protect the weak. when someone engages them as an equal they shift to “nature” and the way things are meant to be. 

will not take feminists seriously until they can prove they are truly objective. 

// trust…//


// Transitioning Noch//

This blog is my reflections on where I am as a person. It will involve my state of mind and emotions. It will be a place I vent (permanently for the sake of reflection only on this blog) when I need to get something off of my chest. It will be a place I can develop my thoughts regarding my parenting circumstances, relationships, romances, businesses, and family developments.

sunnyside as I left it… 46th street stop on the 7. 2/23/2011

sunnyside as I left it… 46th street stop on the 7. 2/23/2011

// beginning to end//

i’m queens family court bound. my second trip in 2 days on the lirr heading east. something that came across my mind as I pass forest hills for the 2nd time in as many days is how much it reminded me of the rich areas of outer west Berlin. photos of NYC as ibleft it to come.

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